2018 Lake CX145 Cycling Shoe Waterproof Winter Road Boot Black


Wet cold training rides do not have to be miserable anymore. The CX145 is the answer for those Autumn or spring chilly road rides. Developed for mild, wet weather the CX145 is just the right shoe for those days when your race shoes are not warm enough. The upper features waxed canvas, water resistant leather and a waterproof membrane making this a highly water resistant cycling shoe great in various conditions. The waxed canvas provides a classic look that has not only great water resistance but is also breathable, so that the breathable membrane does actually breath.

Dual BOA closure gives a superior level of adjustability, security and comfort. The CX145 is built on Lake’s amazing Glass Injected Nylon sole. Lake’s Nylon sole is world famous for it’s uncompromising comfort and performance. No other injection nylon sole offers the same level of stiffness or comfort.

Key Features:

  • Waxed canvas leather upper,
  • Waterproof membrane for high water resistance,
  • Road Competition fibreglass injected nylon outsole (3-hole compatible),
  • Dual Side mounted IP1 BOA Push/Pull lacing closure system with releasable guides.

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