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Arisun Allure Road Tyre RB2 PRO Defense


A fast, responsive non-folding road tyre with incredible puncture resistance. Perfect as a year round training tyre, for long distance touring and for commuters on road bikes.

The seriously tough Arisun Allure C2-PRO RB2 PRO tyre is a great multi-purpose road tyre. Constructed using Arisun's C2 PRO road rubber compound, it has a 60 tpi carcass. This makes the smooth inverted tread operate with the lowest possible rolling resistance resulting in a fast, responsive tyre with fantastic puncture resistance. With the amazing RB2 PRO puncture defence system, this tyre is wire beaded and is non-folding. Excellent as a year round training tyre, a winter tyre or, with its fantastic puncture proofing, for commuters on road bikes.


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