BASSO Astra Disc Brake Road Bike Ultegra 11x Hydro 51' (52.5 Top Tube) S/M Silver


Basso ASTRA Disc Carbon Road bike with Ultegra in Silver



The 2021 Astra with Ultegra offers a level of refinement, performance and specification hard to overlook at this price point. Underpinned by over 40 years of bike building and - rare at this price - manufacture that is 100% in-house and in Italy, the Basso Astra is more than just an Italian surname on a down tube. Ideal for the rider looking for an impeccable balance of technology, performance and all-day comfort, the Astra delivers with the added bonus of Italian beauty in the mix.

True to its Basso DNA, the Astra Disc is a performance oriented road bike designed to take you further and faster. At the same time, that signature Basso ride feel delivers those race-bred traits of quick pick-up and pin-point handling, with a confidence inspiring ride designed to help you push yourself without pitching you over the edge.

The Astra borrows elements like the straight fork and rear triangle from the likes of the Diamante SV and as such incorporates a similar level of reactive and responsive handling. The Basso developed geometry confers the perfect blend of snappy handling and acceleration and a comfortable position for the long haul and while the Astra is an extremely capable race bike, its geometry is closer to the Venta than the Diamante series, allowing a more accessible fit while delivering the excitement of an Italian high-end race bike.

By Italian, we mean Italian : 100% Made by hand, in Italy, by Basso. The Astra frameset is constructed from 100% 3K Toray HM (Hi Modulus) carbon fibre, and is capable of delivering performance on par with the range topping Diamante SV, with only a slight compromise on weight.

Compared with the Diamante, the Astra features a larger, more solid head tube that is fused with an extremely efficient downtube, made more so thanks to a specific shape that is characterised by a 'side channel'. Both tubes couple with completely redesigned chain stays to relay all your power to the road.

Most carbon bikes - particularly at this price point - are not made entirely of carbon, they are 'mechanised' - in other words, they use inserts or bonded aluminium elements in their construction. If your bike is not regularly and thoroughly cleaned and maintained (as all machines should be) these elements and bonded pieces can ultimately fail or cause issue. Through meticulous research and development the Basso Astra carbon frame is designed and built without the incorporation of alternative, contrasting materials. Advanced carbon technologies allow for all elements of the frame to be constructed without compromise and with increased integrity, wholly in carbon fibre and completely without the incorporation of alloy or metal components. It is this aspect of construction - rare indeed at this price - that is in part responsible for the continuity of performance of the Astra over time.

In addition, the Astra features design characteristics most commonly reserved for bikes and frames at significantly higher price points. As such you have not only a podium worthy race bike, but one that represents a fantastic value proposition. The integrated seat-post clamp, internally routed cables, premium paint job and extremely minimal and sophisticated graphic design make for a beautiful ride that punches well above its weight in terms of tech, performance, reliability and value.

Like all Basso, the Astra is made to be as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. Indeed, at the price it is difficult to find a frame that delights as much as the Astra. Simple, elegant design is timeless. In a sea of often clunky looking offerings, the Astra is a distinguished looking road bike with a tenacious character.

The Astra Disc delivers the technology, refinement and ride feel of a World Tour race bike with a more accessible and honest price tag. Finished with a complement of Shimano's super reliable and smooth shifting 11 speed components and Basso's Miche made Microtech MR LITE Disc wheels, the Astra Ultegra is incredible value for money that will perform without compromise, year after year.

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