Mavic Yksion Pro Powerlink Tubeless Folding Road Tyre


Designed for low resistance rolling thanks to a tubeless construction, the Mavic Yksion Pro UST Clincher Tyre provides improved puncture protection, greater grip, and the perfect pairing with your Mavic UST Wheelset.

Easily installed and requiring just 30 grams of sealant to provide the best possible level of puncture protection, these tyres use a kevlar bead for a top of the line strength over the entire surface. With a built-in level of stretch allowing for better management and easier installation, this tyre remains highly versatile and easily repaired in the event that the worst occurs.

  • Super low rolling resistance thanks to tubeless setup
  • Easily installed
  • New Mavic exclusive compound
  • Lighter than a clincher tyre and tube combo
  • Pairs perfectly with any Mavic UST wheelset
  • Tight control over beads diameter and stiffness
  • Kevlar bead stretches just enough for easier mounting
  • Improved comfort with a high level of flat protection
  • Lower recommended tyre pressure with no risk of pinch flats
  • Just 30g of sealant prevents most punctures

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