Prologo Kappa Space T2.0 Road Saddle Hard Black

Hard Black

The Kappa Space T2.0 expands on the comfort and practicality of the Kappa Evo range by maximising the anatomical design and comfort. It features a wider central tunnel which eliminates pressure spikes and numbness. This increases overall blood flow where it's most needed. It has the same 147mm wide seating platform as the Kappa Evo but utilises every bit of space by using variable foam densities to increase comfort.

The nose of the saddle is designed with a 45deg angle to the saddle to help maximise comfort when pushing in the most aerodynamic positions. The Prologo Space technology has a lot of benefits to it. It provides the maximum ergonomic design, by using a wider central tunnel than what is normally found in standard PAS saddles, which eliminates pressure spikes and numbness. The Space saddle width has an increased range from 141/143mm to 147mm making it much more comfortable when on the bike.

The Kappa Space saddle also uses Prologo's ESD technology. Ergonomic Shape Design is where Prologo have identified a new ergonomic design for the centre of the saddle, which allows more space for your legs and an overall better cycling position. Further to this, the ESD reduces the friction of the quadriceps against the body of the saddle.

The saddle also has Active Density Technology which combines 3 foam densities with a variable stiffness base. It's structured in different areas using 3 related foam densities.

High Density - This is on the rear of the saddle and it gives a stable support of the ischial bones.

Medium Density - This is in the middle of the saddle and it reduces the pressure on the pelvic area.

Low Density - This is at the front of the saddle and it reduces pressure peaks in the body.

The saddle uses the T2.0 rail, which is a Chromium-Molybdenum rail with an extremely high level of tensile strength. It has a 7mm rail clamp diameter.


  • Size: 273x147mm
  • Rail: Chromoly T2.0 7mm
  • Cover: Microfibre
  • Padding: Light PU
  • Weight: 258g

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