Respro Hi-Viz Fluorescent A4 Stickers Sheet

With 10 different sticker kits in the range, this product is ideal for covering any solid surface that needs brightening up. The Reflective Stickers in this range are on an A4 sheet of Scotchlite™ material and on ‘Day Glo’ material.  Ideal for cycle and motorcycle surfaces and any other solid surface that needs visibility.

For clothing application, the Pressure Sensitive kit which comes as a ‘cut your own’ A4 sheet, is a must.  It is for use on soft and hard surfaces, and with ‘easy peasy’ application, it is really cool - no kidding!

We can’t recommend the use of sticker kits on helmets as there is, as yet, no EU law governing it. This doesn’t mean you can’t use them on helmets, it just means we can’t recommend it. Work that one out if you can!

For further information checkout ‘Brake’ the road safety organisation. Happy sticking!

  • Can be used on hard surfaces and soft material (Pressure Sensitive Kit only)
  • Self adhesive
  • Add night time visibility
  • Customise existing clothes
  • No need for adhesives
  • Highly visible in low light
  • Retro-reflective

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