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Samui Air Zound XL Xtra Loud BK001

One of the biggest challenges of cycle-commuting is making your presence felt above the din of traffic. The Air Zound bike horn emits a 115 decibel blast that will let even the most inattentive driver know you're out there. The horn is handlebar mounted, and the air reservoir is attached to your water bottle cage or using the velcro provided anywhere you like! Easy recharging using either a bike pump or compressor. Each refill lasts for approximately fifty blasts. Volume can be regulated with the turn of a switch.

- Recharge with any bike pump or compressor
- No batteries or cartridges required
- Quick release clamp
- Includes 2 clamps: regular and oversized
- Includes extra AZ attaching strap (use it to secure the air bottle in cage or on frame)
- Volume control

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