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Stage 1 Bike Service

Cables Replaced
Fitting Parts

All bikes that are booked in to our workshop received a LifeCycles Leeds 51 point Bike Check - free of charge! This determines exactly what state your bike is in, what needs work, and if there are any parts that may need replacing.

The Stage 1 Service is ideal for bikes less than a year old or older bikes that have not been used much, this service is a great way to ensure your bike is ready for the rigours of the road or trail!

Service includes:

  1. Both derailleurs indexed and aligned
  2. Transmission checked for wear and damage; chain and derailleurs lubricated
  3. Both brakes set up and centred
  4. All cables adjusted
  5. Both hubs checked and any play eliminated
  6. Both wheels trued
  7. Tyres checked for wear and inflated to recommended pressure
  8. Headset checked and any play eliminated
  9. Steering aligned and checked
  10. Frame and forks checked for condition; seat post greased and re-inserted
  11. All nuts and bolts tightened to the manufacturers torque recommendation




Thank you for your support in 2020! We have extended our opening hours to make visiting us during Lockdown a little easier.

We are open:

Mon - Sat. 9AM - 6PM

Thank you for your ongoing support into 2021 - we hope your bikes are bringing you some enjoyment! :)